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Has the bad economy been wearing you down? Maybe you lost your job? Maybe you received a
 pay cut? Maybe you are just tired of working for someone else and you don't want to be pushed
around and taken advantage of any longer? Maybe you finally want to be paid what you are
worth? Maybe you know you can do better in life?
With Shaklee, there is no such thing as a bad economy. As a matter of fact, Shaklee usually does even better in a bad economy because people are looking for an opportunity.
Searching for the right business can be difficult? Many opportunities are full of promises and tell you that you can make millions doing nothing! Well that is not true.
 If you like health and wellness and you truly would like your own business then look no further! Shaklee offers you a great lifestyle of health, financial freedom and time freedom!
Maybe you only want an extra $500 per month or maybe you want $5k or $20k or more! Shaklee is a great way to accomplish those goals!
Many businesses tell you that you will have financial freedom and time freedom but Shaklee can
back those claims up with a history of Success!
 Shaklee is a Health and Wellness company that has been in operation since 1956. Shaklee has paid out over $5 billion in commissions to Distributors. We are now the #1 Health and Wellness company. 
Shaklee distributors have been providing all natural, non toxic products for over 50 years! Shaklee not only cares about providing the highest quality products you can buy but Shaklee also cares about our Earth! Shaklee is one of the first companies to become Climate Neutral. We use the Social Marketing marketing model to build our Distributorships. Click on the "A Different Kind of Company" picture above to watch the video.
Shaklee offers anyone with a little entreneurial spirit the opportunity to build an incredible lifestyle. Many Shaklee businesses have been handed down from many generations and you can do the same! A Shaklee Distributorship is a willable business that you can pass on to family members or you can sell it!  
You don't even have to leave your job! Build your Shaklee Business around your current job. When your Shaklee income reaches your current income, what a nice problem to have! You can then fire your boss.      
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